UN-NYG was founded by Ms Julie Parlange in 2013. The aim of UN-NYG from the very beginning was to provide opportunities for the young generation of nuclear professionals in Vienna-based UN organizations to learn more about and broaden their views on the benefits and challenges of nuclear activities. During the club's initial existence, several events took place such as visits to the Research Reactor of the Prater in Vienna, Austria; visit of the IAEA laboratories in Seibersdorf; visit of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant; visit of the Radiation Protection and Monitoring Laboratory of the IAEA and, a visit of the Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf in Austria. Furthermore, presentations were held on the IAEA Safeguards System, the activities of the Office of Nuclear Security and the Cyber Security Programme at the IAEA and a lecture series was also held on "Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics" held by Prof. Andrea Borio di Tigliole, to name a few. In the future, we plan to re-initiate tours to the facilities mentioned above and have a steady programme of lectures and presentations by experts in the nuclear field. The UN-NYG club in 2013 also launched its first mentoring programme, which is currently being rekindled and planned to be fully developed and operational soon.

The "Core Team" in 2013 was called the "Executive Committee" and comprised:
Ms Julie Parlange, President;
- Mr Alan Aqrawi, Vice-President;
- Ms Jana Roeschlova, Treasurer and Scientific Officer;
- Ms Judy Vyshniauskas-Gomez, Mentoring & Training Officer;
- Ms Lenka Dojcanova, Communications;
- Ms Maria Konstantina Laina, Communications;
- Mr Christopher Angster, Liaison Officer.

As you will be able to tell, our Core Team today is made up of seven officers, elected by the UN-NYG community, and titles of the different positions have changed slightly.