Mentoring Programme

The UN-NYG Mentoring Programme is a voluntary project initiated by the UN-NYG and led by Ms Amelia Lee Zhi Yi, the UN-NYG Mentoring Coordinator. The programme is the first cross-departmental mentoring programme at the IAEA and implemented with support from the IAEA Office of the Deputy Director General, Ms Mary Alice Hayward, Head of the Department of Management.

The key vision of the mentoring programme is to act as a platform for IAEA staff to strengthen their professional skills at the workplace and improve networking capacity through the cultivation of cross departmental and generational relationships.

The goals of the Mentoring Programme are to:

  • Strengthen staff resources through mutual learning experiences for mentors and mentees, to nurture high performance leaders with the capacity to “give back” at the workplace
  • Develop self-sustaining professional relationships between mentors and mentees that narrow the gap between different departments and age groups at the IAEA

The pilot version of the Mentoring Programme was held in 2017 with 27 mentor-mentee pairs including 9 directors, 10 section/lab heads, and 8 senior staff. The second year of this programme is planned for September 4, 2018 to February 2019. The UN-NYG Mentoring Programme is designed to run for 8 months’ time including participant recruitment, selection and pairing (1 month), mentorship period (6 months) and programme completion and feedback (1 month). Information on application procedures will be released on the UN-NYG website mid-July, 2018.

The Mentoring Team, led by Amelia, is supported by:

Ms Reagan Aylmer, in charge of matters in recruiting and reaching out to mentors;

Mr Babatunde Adigun, in charge of matters in recruiting and reaching out to mentees


Mentoring at the IAEA:

Pilot Mentoring Programme press release (internal link for IAEA users):


Download the UNNYG mentoring programme documents

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