Trip to Research Reactor in Prague

The VIC Intern Organization (VIO) and the United Nations Nuclear Young Generation (UN-NYG) are collaborating to organize a field trip to the Czech Technical University Research Reactor in Prague.  All IAEA staff, including consultants and interns are invited to take part in this trip.

The visit consists of a didactic tour with a brief lecture, after which the inside the reactor hall will be toured and an operation’s demonstration observed.  The research reactor is a VR-1 training reactor, and its exact description can be found via this link: Furthermore, you can also find YouTube videos on how the VR-1 is used for training and other research activities.

Two possible dates for the training have been proposed:

  • 23rd March 2018, and
  • 20th April 2018

The tour will take place on a Fridays to offer you the opportunity to stay in Prague over the weekend. Please register via the registration form available below before 9th March. Please only register if you are sure you will come and provide your full Name and ID number (from your passport or another valid identity card which you need to take with you to the tour).

More details about the logistics:

Tentative travel schedule (every individual is in charge of paying and arranging their own travel, but we propose the following):

Train from Wien Hauptbahnhof:

  • Train from Wien to Prague: 7:10am, arrival at 11am, 44 €
  • From main station in Prague to the university: 20 mins

Or Bus:

  • From Wien to Prague: 03:20am arrive 10am, 13€

Or by private car (we could arrange car pooling among those who are interested)

  • Tour of the Research Reactor: 3 hours starting at 12:30pm or 1pm
  • Afternoon, after 4pm: come back to Vienna or stay over the weekend (everyone to arrange for themselves).

Registrations are closed now!