Election Information

Vacancies within the UN-NYG Core Team have emerged. Detailed information can be found below.

All Core Team Members are expected to liaise with other organisations and partners, as needed within their respective roles. The Core Team Members also handle correspondence relating to their Core Team roles and are expected to maintain the role in accordance with the UN-NYG statute, with the expectation that the officer will remain in the position for at least one calendar year.

If you are interested in applying for any of the vacancies, please nominate yourself using the form at the bottom of this page.

  • After the nomination deadline, candidates will be contacted by the UN-NYG team to submit by 4 October 2021 a 60 second short-video pitch in support of their candidacy.
  • Candidate video pitches will be posted on the UN-NYG website for the community to see.
  • An online vote of UN-NYG members to determine the new officers will be held from 5 to 11 October 2021.
  • Newly elected officers will be announced by 18th October.


Programme Manager

The Programme Manager shall:

  • Develop main activities that will form the basis for the UN-NYG;
  • Implement short-, medium- and long-term activities as they are planned;
  • Cooperate with the President and the Vice-President in establishing the strategic development plan for the UN-NYG;
  • Cooperate with the Communication and Liaison Officer in establishing and developing partnerships;
  • Develop and support other activities as deemed necessary.

Communication Officer

The Communication Officer shall:

  • Record and keep the minutes of each meeting, sharing the results with other members of the UN-NYG Core Team within one week of the meeting;
  • Handle and lead internal correspondence of the UN-NYG as business takes place, in conjunction with the liaison officer as necessary;
  • Head efforts to maintain a network across the VIC and liaise directly with the membership;
  • Draft possible articles and/or newsletter on behalf of the UN-NYG, especially to highlight major activities (in accordance with the President and Vice-President);
  • Implement online and offline outreach instruments in cooperation with other members of the UN-NYG Core Team.