Season 4 (2021)

All registered mentees have been contacted. The final selection results will be notified in mid-February
*Note: The registration is not limited to IAEA employees, but Mentoring Programme participants are required to have VIC access.

The UN-NYG Mentoring Programme provides an unparalleled opportunity for young nuclear professionals to interact with the senior professionals at IAEA outside their own division and/or broadening their vision for future nuclear career pathways. The objectives are:

  • Strengthen staff resources through mutual learning experiences for mentors and mentees, to nurture high performance leaders with the capacity to “give back” at the workplace
  • Develop self-sustaining, moderately informal professional relationships between mentors and mentees that narrow the gap between different departments and age groups at the IAEA

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Structure of the Programme

The UN-NYG Mentoring Programme (Season 4) is designed to run for four months’ time (February – May 2021) and includes several events either in mentor-mentees pairs (1-on-1 meeting) or in group setups (topical discussion). Each selected mentee will be assigned to a dedicated mentor from another division. Meanwhile, the Mentoring Coordinating Team will provide options of several professional topics during the kick-off event. The mentor-mentee pairs can decide, during their 1-on-1 meetings, which topical discussion(s) to attend. The Mentoring Coordinating Team will organize paralleled sessions in small groups focusing on the topics of interest. A social event and/or a concluding event is planned toward the end of the mentorship season. A preliminary programme timeline is given below. Please keep in mind that the event form and time may subject to change due to COVID uncertainties.

Programme Timeline

JanuaryCall of interest and application period
Mid FebruarySelection and pairing of participants and notification
Late FebruaryKick-off event
Early March1-on-1 meetings
Mid MarchTopical discussions in groups
Early April1-on-1 meetings
Mid AprilTopical discussions in groups (TBD)
Late AprilSocial event (TBD)
Mid MayConcluding event

Mentoring Coordinating Team

Season 4 (2021): Mr Kaichao SUN, Ms Anna FORTOVA, Ms Lu HAN, Ms Nour EID, Mr Maxwell DANIELS

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Disclaimer: Candidates are pre-screened with a scoring system considering comprehensiveness of application and fit to the programme. All final selection and pairing decisions are made at the discretion of the UN-NYG mentoring team. Results of applicants may only be released by and upon the applying individual’s request.