United Nations-Nuclear Young Generation (UN-NYG) is a club composed of young staff members, ranging from professional staff, junior-professional officers and consultants to interns. All UN-NYG members have different educational and professional backgrounds, as well as nationalities. UN-NYG aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking and professional integration of its Members among themselves and in the broader framework of nuclear UN related activities and expertise. It is a recognized club of the Vienna International Centre (VIC), listed on the VIC Recreation Committee (VICREC) website.


The UN-NYG has a two-fold mission: firstly, provide staff with opportunities to enhance their knowledge on nuclear matters, through organisation of events, conferences and seminars with senior experts in the field; secondly, develop a professional network of young (nuclear) professionals working for UN based organisations and assist with their career development, through better communication between generations and mentoring activities. Thus, UN-NYG is promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences within the group, as well as building networks in the field of nuclear science and applications. Of course, UN-NYG also plans to network internationally with other nuclear young generation associations.


  • To facilitate personal and professional networking of members;
  • To provide members with opportunities to enhance their knowledge on nuclear-related matters;
  • To provide professional development opportunities to our members;
  • To provide a voice for young professionals in the Vienna-based UN organizations;
  • To liaise with other international and national nuclear young generation associations.