The United Nations Nuclear Young Generation (UN-NYG) is an organization composed of young employees, including professional staff, junior professional officers, consultants, and interns, who work at the UN headquarters in Vienna, Austria. We come from many nationalities and possess a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. UN-NYG aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and professional development among all who work in nuclear or nuclear-adjacent fields within the United Nations. It is a recognized club of the Vienna International Centre (VIC), listed on the VIC Recreation Committee (VICREC) website.


The UN-NYG has a two-fold mission: firstly, provide staff with opportunities to enhance their knowledge on nuclear matters, through events, conferences, and seminars with senior experts in the field; secondly, develop a professional network of young (nuclear) professionals working for UN-based organizations and assist their career development. It promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences within the group, as well as building networks in the field of nuclear science and nuclear applications.


  • To facilitate personal and professional networking of members;
  • To provide members with opportunities to enhance their knowledge on nuclear-related matters;
  • To provide professional development opportunities;
  • To provide a voice for young professionals in the Vienna-based UN organizations;
  • To liaise with other international and national nuclear Young Generation Network (YGN) associations.

Read or download our Statute here.