Election Information

A vacancy within the UN-NYG Core Team have emerged. Detailed information can be found below.

All Core Team Members are expected to liaise with other organisations and partners, as needed within their respective roles. The Core Team Members also handle correspondence relating to their Core Team roles and are expected to maintain the role in accordance with the UN-NYG statute, with the expectation that the officer will remain in the position for at least one calendar year.

Nominations are received through the form at the end of this page. Nominations will be accepted from members in good standing that fulfill the following criteria: (1) younger than 38 years old; (2) committed to promote the purposes of the UN-NYG; (3) working or having worked in the field of nuclear technology; (4) hold a valid VIC grounds pass.

Nomination deadline: Tuesday 2 May



The Treasurer shall:

  • Collect all monies given to the UN-NYG, and collect the potential dues (if they are introduced by the Annual General Meeting);
  • Develop and review any ongoing sponsorship, application forms, and seek to raise funds for the UN-NYG either through one-off or sustained sponsorships;
  • Deposit UN-NYG funds in the official VIC Bank Austria account and manage the designated bank account;
  • Keep the book of accounts of the UN-NYG and prepare the books for any potential audit of UN-NYG funds;
  • Pursue and seek out opportunities of funding, sponsorship or partnerships for events, trips, conferences or other relevant events as needed;
  • Draft and finalize a treasurer’s report when requested by the President;
  • Sign or countersign withdrawal or deposit of funds of the UN-NYG;
  • Arrange for payment of expenses owed by the UN-NYG when necessary and upon approval to justify such payments;
  • Develop and support other activities as deemed necessary.