Deputy Director General Mr Mikhail Chudakov meets with UN-NYG Community

On 22 June 2016, Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy Mr Mikhail Chudakov met with UN-NYG members to talk about his career and give recommendations to young staff members.

DDG Chudakov holds a Ph.D. degree in nuclear engineering. He graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) in 1983 after which he joined the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant. In 1995, he was assigned a managerial position in Russia’s Rosenergoatom nuclear utility and held a number of positions, including Deputy Director of the International Department, Deputy Director of the Production and Engineering Department, First Deputy Director of the Department for FOREM (Federal Wholesale Market for Electricity and Power) implementation. In April 1999, he was appointed Deputy Director General of Rosenergoatom and Director of the Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant. Until his appointment at the IAEA in 2015, Mr Chudakov was the Director of the Moscow Centre of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

Mr Chudakov talked about his career progression and actively engaged in discussion with the UN-NYG community. Among other things, the DDG emphasized the importance of having a career goal in mind as a young person and how continuous hard work will help achieve that goal. He stressed the significance of thinking several years ahead, to avoid getting stuck in the same position for too long. Furthermore, having a “mix” in one’s career for example by combining industrial and institutional experience could be beneficial. The last recommendation he gave to young professionals was to use common sense and judgement whenever applying for or accepting jobs, and to never be afraid of telling the truth (even to one’s own boss).

DDG Chudakov lastly pointed out, with conviction, that having a broad reading base as a young person is key to gaining knowledge on a wide range of topics. This includes reading historical and scientific literature, as well as the classics. He fondly recalled how his father used to challenge him by giving him ambitious books to read at a very young age and how he is trying to continue this tradition with his children.

UN-NYG would like to thank DDG Chudakov for his time, insights and the networking opportunity he provided to UN-NYG members over coffee and donuts.

Special thanks to Mr Daniil Popovich for his great pictures!

Article written by,
Kirsten Virginia Glenn
Communications and Liaison Officer