UN-NYG Attends the Workshop on Making an Impactful First Impression

By Rong Liu

On 28 January 2019, 25 members of UN-NYG attended and participated in the workshop on making an impactful first impression presented by Personal Development Trainer and Toastmasters International Division Director of Austria, Mr. David Corcoran. UN-NYG attendees included staff, consultants and interns.

Meeting and greeting new people is part of everyday life, and thus, it is known that making an impactful first impression is crucial for forging positive and sustainable relationships with others in both personal and business settings. The 90-minute interactive workshop compiled and presented core easy tips which can be applied to 1) help make a lasting first impression, 2) build rapport, including handshaking upon introductions, standing posture, eye contact, voice quality, and, most importantly 3) facilitate practice and preparation to make a resounding first impression. Participants were provided a great opportunity not only to recognize manners and style in others during an introduction, but also to challenge their own perceptions and receive valuable feedback from other attendees during the informative, fun and friendly nature of the workshop.

The workshop was well received by UN-NYG members, and participants were given the opportunity to explore further the art of positive first impressions by posing inquiring questions at the end of the workshop before its conclusion.