UN-NYG and IAEA Mentoring Programme Now Open For Applications

Photo Credit: Dean Calma, IAEA; Photo Editor: Fady Nassif/IAEA

The application process is now open for this year’s mentoring programme run by the United Nations-Nuclear Young Generation (UN-NYG) organization in collaboration with MTHR.

The six-month programme, which starts in September, will serve as a platform for IAEA staff to strengthen their professional skills and improve their networking capacity, through cultivation of cross-departmental and intergenerational relationships.

Similar to the three-month pilot, which ran from October to December 2017, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Management Mary Alice Hayward will sponsor the programme and guide UN-NYG in pairing the mentors and mentees.

The pilot programme involved 27 mentor-mentee pairs including nine IAEA Directors, 10 section and laboratory heads and eight senior staff, and marked the IAEA’s first cross-departmental mentoring programme.

Mentor Christophe Xerri, Director of the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology, highlighted the value of the programme as offering “unique opportunities to have open discussion with the younger generation, free of any hierarchical or business relationship and giving the opportunity to learn about another division, without professional limitations.”

Mentee Melanie Culver, a Software Engineer in MTIT, said of the mentor-mentee dynamic: “I found the relationship to be very open and trusting. I could think more about my future, not necessarily from the comfort zone of my own field of expertise.”

This second structured mentoring programme will run from September to December 2018, followed by an independent programme from January to March 2019.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, click here to apply.

To become a mentee click here to apply.

The deadline for both applications is 10 August 2018.

Staff members registered as UN-NYG members with a contract covering the entire period of the mentorship programme (September 2018 to March 2019) are eligible to apply. Selection is a competitive process and the final decision will be made by Ms Hayward and the UN-NYG Core Team.

To find out more about the mentoring programme, contact UN-NYG Mentoring Coordinator, Amelia Lee Zhi Yi.

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