UN-NYG Election of New Vice-President and Treasurer: Results

New UNNYG VP and Treasurer for Website

Dear UN-NYG Community,

As you may be aware, former Vice-President Mr Wesley Deason and Treasurer Ms Iman Alarwy departed from their UN-NYG Core Team roles in 2017. Due to these fresh vacancies, UN-NYG elections were held in mid-February 2018 to identify two new members to fill the positions. Altogether, two candidates applied for both the position of Vice-President (both candidates male) and Treasurer (both candidates female). Participating contenders were requested to upload a 90 second video to the UN-NYG website detailing their desire to apply for the position, previous experience and vision for the future of UN-NYG. Altogether, a total of 45 votes were received for the position of Vice-President and 48 votes for the position of Treasurer. Voting was conducted via email and all registered UN-NYG members currently working at the Vienna International Centre were eligible to vote via their official work email address.

And now, I am very pleased to inform you that the new UN-NYG Vice-President is Mr Denis Subbotnitskiy, a Russian national working at the IAEA as an Energy Data Analyst in the Department of Nuclear Energy. Denis would like to let the UN-NYG Community know: “I am very happy to be elected as the new UN-NYG VP. I would like to express my gratitude to the UN-NYG community – thank you for believing in me and for your support! I and looking forward to using this opportunity for the benefit of the whole community of young professionals in the IAEA.  I think for all of us – interns, consultants, professionals – working in the Agency is an important period in our professional careers and also in our lives. This experience is an important building block for our future: we learn a lot of new things and meet new people from different countries. In my view, the role of the UN-NYG is to make the UN experience the most rewarding for all of us – in terms of getting mentoring advice from the senior staff, building the network among peers and participating in various professional and social events in VIC and outside. I would be happy to make my contribution to making progress in these areas! When I started my first UN internship in 2011 I was looking for something like UN-NYG – and I think it is great that we have this opportunity now. Looking forward to working together!”

Furthermore, I am happy to announce that Ms Marianne Nari Fisher is the new UN-NYG Treasurer! Marianne is an American national, working at the IAEA as an Associate Project Officer in the Department of Nuclear Energy. Marianne also shared comments with the UN-NYG Community: “I would like to extend my thanks to the UN-NYG community for their votes and support in this new role. As the newly elected treasurer, I am thrilled to assist UN-NYG develop the necessary budgetary support to host future activities that will directly benefit participating members. In the position of treasurer, I look forward to exploring pathways that would lend additional funds for NYG activities, whether through the development of a formalized club budget or other support from the Agency. In particular, I am excited to liaise across the Agency to gauge support, fund-raising schemes or sponsorship from various departments to support formal club events, professional development and networking opportunities. Certainly, as one of two new members joining the Core Team following the recent election, I hope to provide fresh perspectives and usher in new and exciting opportunities for staff and intern members.”

UN-NYG would like to thank all candidates for their nominations and welcomes new initiatives and ideas from the whole community for the upcoming year and beyond.

Article written by,
Kirsten Virginia Glenn
Communications and Liaison Officer

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