Second UN-NYG Field Trip to Incident Emergency Center (IEC)

On Friday, 25 May 2018, 23 UN-NYG members comprised of staff, consultants and interns visited the Incident and Emergency Center (IEC) of the IAEA. The IEC, under the aegis of the IAEA’s Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, and established in 2005, serves as a global focal point for nuclear emergency preparedness and response (EPR) for nuclear and radiological safety or security related incidents and emergencies.

This was the second tour of the IEC organised by UN-NYG. Mr Stephane Defour, Response System Analyst of the IEC, gave the participants an overview of the IEC’s mandate and major functions, namely, development EPR-related safety standards, provision of appraisal services of Member States’ EPR capabilities, fostering of EPR capabilities through training schemes, development and maintenance of the inter-agency EPR framework.

Ms. Syreel Mishra, participant of the UN-NYG organized event commented: “I thought that the IEC tour was very educational and exciting at the same time. It gave me an insight on how the emergency preparedness comes into play in the IAEA; a totally different side from all the various technical cooperation projects that the IAEA comes into the spotlight for.”

Visitors were provided an opportunity to ask questions and explore the IEC facilities after the short talk. To learn more about the IEC, please click here.

Article written by

Babatunde Adigun

UNNYG Program Manager